Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tawny Peaks - Self Titled

Really wish I had some more infomation about this band and this album.
All I can say is its a good album, Tawny Peaks are a rad emo band and there record company
(songs from the road ) are also good.
The last time I posted this band I got thanked =D which was really nice.
they have everything on bandcamp as name your own price anyway.
this albums nicer then the EP not that the EP isnt worth getting too.
both are really good.

Self Titled 
Harris Harris Harris EP 

and since they are so nice.
Songs From The Road Records.tumblr
support them or something.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Die, Emperor! Die! - Acoustic CD / Demo

 Die, Emperor! Die! was two teenagers from Texas playing heartfelt, mid-90s style . Almost impossible-to-find releases should be collected on a Discography CD on Passionate Youth Thing.
The members, Kirke (vocals, guitar) and Brad (drums) have played in bands such as Rosa (Both), Punkin pie (both, but Kirke quit), Teenage Kicks (kirke) and Treetops (Kirke).

Die, Emperor! Die! - Acoustic CD
Die, Emperor! Die! - Demo 

Belle Epoque - A La Derive


 Belle Epoque was a French band. They did a final France tour by september 2006 and played their last show in Strasbourg, France, on the 11th September 2006. Belle Epoque disbanded on september 11th 2006 but are scheduled to release a 7” vinyl disc, with songs they have recorded but had not released.

Belle Epoque - A La Derive

Bear Garden - Disco Biscuit

Bear Garden is a Screamo/Punk quartet from Duluth, MN. They have reached a large fan base in the city and its surrounding areas.
The band’s release of their first song EP, “Disco Biscuit,” was first made public at their release show with other local favorites “29 Dead in a Baghdad Cafe”, “Bright Lights Always Turn Off”, “Holy Roman Empire”, and others on 02/11/06.

Bear Garden is playing shows in the area and is currently writing new material.

Bear Garden - Disco Biscuit

Das Oath / Ampere split.

Das Oath was a thrashcore band from New York, originating from the The Netherlands. They formed in 1999. After two rehearsals the band recorded their 7” eight song debut in Rotterdam. It was not until a year later when Das Oath started to play shows. With only one 7” released the band hit the road and played all over Europe during the fall of 2000. Upon their return to The Netherlands the band went straight into the studio to record songs for what would become their 9” / 10” record. After the recording session the band started to prepare for their first USA tour slated in December 2000.


Ampere is an American hardcore band formed in Amherst, Massachusetts in 2002known for their short (10-15 minutes) but extremely loud and intense live shows. The band has put the importance of DIY hardcore punk ethics at the forefront of their lyrics and are renowned for the particular attention they bring to their vegan principles.

Das Oath / Ampere split.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Amanda Woodward - Discography

Amanda Woodward formed in Caen, France during 2000 as a five-piece emotive hardcore band. Their sound can be characterized by strong driving emotion and dynamics typical of 90’s French hardcore


Duck. Little Brother, Duck! - Survival Is Not A Workout

A Portland math rock band.

Survival Is Not A Workout

Girlfriends - Girlfriends / Girlfriends (reverse)

A one-man band - Jerry Joiner from Portland, OR
who calls himself ‘Girlfriends’ instead of ‘Jerry Joiner’.

Girlfriends   (Reverse)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Treehouse - Self Titled

Treehouse is a Screamo / emo band from Salt Lake City.

Treehouse - Self Titled

Friday, March 9, 2012

Pairs - S/T

A Shanghai noise-rock duo.
“Pairs is/are some bitches and dickheads from Shanghai.
They have taken their broadway smash music to various death traps, both North and South and survived to tell the tale to deaf ears.
Pairs make music and don’t make it particularly well, almost like people who have lost their talent.
Their name is often misspelled as Paris, and Pairs understand that this is an easy mistake to make.”

drummer / singer from Bang! Bang! Aids!

Pairs - S/T